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How do I use a Myer Centrepoint Gift Card ?

Posted: November 1, 2018 | Author: Admin Manning Mall
  1. Take your Myer Centrepoint Gift Card to any Myer Centrepoint store where EFTPOS is available.
  2. Simply swipe the Myer Centrepoint Gift Card, select ‘Savings’ on the EFTPOS terminal.
  3. Enter the PIN number on the back of the Gift Card and press OK.
  4. The Myer Centrepoint Gift Card is valid for 36 months from the date of issue.
  5. Check your Myer Centrepoint Gift Card balance and transaction history by calling 1300 764 721 or visiting givvkiosk.com and clicking on check balance.
  6. Any Myer Centrepoint Gift Card that is damaged or faulty at time of issue will be replaced at no extra cost. Please visit the Myer Centrepoint Centre Management Office or call 1300 764 721 for assistance.

Please be aware of your Myer Centrepoint Gift Card’s remaining balance before making a purchase – if the total cost of items purchased is greater than the balance of the card, you will be required to make up the difference with another payment method.